Dear Partners,

Today we had the privilege to have as a guest speaker at HCCP, our author Bob Goff. His book Love Does has hit the NY Times Best Sellers list.

He really touch my heart, he is a witty, intense, and charismatic speaker. He spoke about living in Grace and walking in love and how we need to apply this to our life. With the proceeds from this book he has started schools in “Uganda, Iraq, India, Somalia and Nepal”.

The information below about the schools is not a request for donations, it is actually a big thank you because Bob has been able to do so much and I thought it would be fun to share this with all our partners who have shared in this succe currently licensing this title into: Complex Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

Uganda: Love Does has been working in Uganda since 2006, primarily to promote human rights and education. We started by asking Ugandans what the biggest need was at the time. Their answer was human rights and education, so we got busy trying to be helpful in those areas.

India: Love Does works to fight trafficking in India through investigations, surveillance, brothel raids, and working with local law enforcement to conduct raids on brothels with underage children, arrest the perpetrators and traffickers, rescue the children and place them in safe houses.

Somalia: Love Does works in a country torn by way and struggling to recover from years of famine, war, unrest and violence. Love Does opened a safe house for women and children who have been victims of gender based violence. The home is be a place for them to come for safety, medical attention, counseling and therapy, and then job training skills to help build their lives back.

Iraq: We started a school for refugee children in Northern Iraq. Their families fled from ISIS and settled in three different camps, and though their educations could have ended permanently right then, they now have the opportunity to attend school at an amazing, joy-filled community

Nepal: We always dreamed of opening an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal for kids who needed a home. Nepal ranks high on the list of most impoverished countries, and the existence of a caste system makes life difficult for many.